JC Label Maker  H1S 

Slimmer. Prints up to 15mm Wide Labels

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H1S Printer
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JC Thermal Label

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  • No limitation on the number of free label you can enjoy
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Label - Continuous Label

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Continuous Label
$ 11.99 $ 8.50

Label - White

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - White - Materiol
$ 11.99 $ 7.50

Label - Clear & Luminous

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Clear & Luminous - Materiol
$ 12.40 $ 10.50

Label - Functional

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Functional - Materiol
U11U12U13U14U15U16U17U21LC7LC8L13L14Cable BundleSC01SC02SC03KEY1KEY2KEY3KEY4KEY5
$ 11.99 $ 8.50

Label - Color

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Color - Materiol
$ 11.99 $ 8.50

Label - Seasonal

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Seasonal - Materiol
$ 11.99 $ 8.50

Label - Icon/Pattern

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Icon/Pattern - Materiol
$ 11.99 $ 8.50

Label - Multiple

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Multiple - Materiol
$ 11.99 $ 8.50

Label - Box Set

(For H1S Printer)

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Label - Box Set - Materiol
$ 118.80 $ 69.90


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JC Label Maker PRO101 Protective Case - Materiol
JC Label Maker PRO101 Protective Case - Materiol
JC Label Maker PRO101 Protective Case - Materiol

 PRO D101  Protective Case

$ 8.90 $ 10.90
- 20 %
JC Label Maker ORG11 Protective Case - Materiol
JC Label Maker ORG11 Protective Case - Materiol

 ORG D11  Protective Case

$ 7.90 $ 9.90
- 10000 %
Label Case - Materiol
Label Case - Materiol
Label Case - Materiol
Label Case - Materiol
$ 1.00

Upgrade Your Labeling Experience

Your labeler gives an extra 1cm on both ends

Replace ink or carbon band

Ink is all over the place

Your handwriting better be good

Product Details

New Label Printer for Home

The label printer is compact in size, half of the traditional labeling machine and convenient for users to carry. Classic retro shape with warm and delicate lacquer process can serve as art decoration

Install NIIM app from Apple Store or Google Play, and creating personalized labels easily from mobile devices with Bluetooth Connection 

Macaron Color Label Tapes

Combine printing with thermal technology, no ink and cartridges required. H1S label printer is functionally compatible with continuous paper, intelligent identification consumables and can print all D110 or D11 pre-cut labels as well

Easily Create Personalized Labels In A Few Simple Steps

Powerful Software, Two editing modes, new drawing board function, support text, picture, border, QR code printing, a large number of printing templates to choose from

Fully Meet The Various Scenarios And Needs Of Home Labeling

 It's suitable for labeling spice racks, marking cosmetic samples, file folders, food storage containers, bottles, plant pots and perfect for gift wrapping

Notes: Please purchase the product version that matches your region or country from NIIMBOT official store or NIIMBOT authorized sales channel.

Products from unofficial authorized channels involve the risk of piracy, inability to adapt to the actual use environment, and other risks of normal use. At the same time, NIIMBOT may not be able to provide you with services for the aforementioned risk issues.

We Make Label Making FUN!

You can use different fonts, shapes, icons to design your label. Your phone photos or images from the internet can be imported to make the design more unique!



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JC Label Is Not Just Paper

Latest Version of Niimbot Label has 7 layers for Durability and Premium Looking

Water & Oil Proof

Easy To Remove

Leave No Trace

Scratch & Tear Proof

Premium Made

It's Organizers' Dream 

Reviews from 

Prompt response, fast shipping, pleased with items.

The company responded promptly to my email inquiry. My subsequent order went smoothly, and the items arrived sooner than anticipated. Very pleased with the printer and the service.


Dec 4, 2022

Good experience

Good experience, delivery faster than expected.

Only thing, webpage could be better when it comes to choosing printing paper. Not intuitive enough . I got some paper wrong.

But all in all i recommend. And the machine is great


Nov 28, 2022

Will Order Again

Great service & only waited a week for delivery to UK. I preferred ordering from NiimbitLabel as there was much more choice than buying within UK

Gill Devlin

Oct 29, 2022

The best label maker by far

The best label maker by far! So quick and user friendly, it paid for itself on one job. I’ve recommended this to at least 10 clients now who have all purchased their own.

Date of experience: October 01, 2022

Stephen Dawes

Oct 29, 2022

It's very intuitive and easy to use
I use a label for Kombucha bottles, it is very functional and fast. The labels stick on and stay on very well even in the refrigerator.

Ana Jesus

Oct 28, 2022

I’ve had a retail store for 35 years…
I’ve had a retail store for 35 years and have always hand written the labels. This label maker is so easy to use and makes beautiful labels. I love it!

John Anderson

Oct 29, 2022

Recommend D101 Niimbot printer

Received my D101 printer within estimated time, very good packed, was able to connect and do my first printing very fast and looks great. Easy software to use and good resolution/details printed on label.

One suggestion for improvement is to reconsider inside layout of printer case to enable fit of large labels on one side/next to the printer, otherwise in existing pocket only small label have space.

Stefan B

Oct 29, 2022

Perfect product

Perfect product, good website, very friendly and received a really nice product, well packed.

Indra Moonen

Nov 2, 2022

Conviction of a great product

Your no frills approach to packing and fast delivery to another country was fantastic.oduct, well packed.

Mandy Grobler

Oct 28, 2022

Warranty Information


  • 15 Months of Warranty Period from Parcel Received
  • First 6 months: Replacement Warranty. Free Shipping.
  • Month 7 to 15: A shipping handling fee of $5.9 or the spot shipping handling fee will be paid by customers for replacement.
  • For all successful warranty claims, a short video of switching on the printer and the printer serial number will be required. Please contact us for details.


Label Roll Installation

Bluetooth Pairing

App Installation


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$ 36.99 $ 27.90
$ 18.90 $ 7.90
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