Label Printer - Instruction of Use

Install Label Roll:

Download NiiMbot App:

  • Android APK donwload : Here
  • iOS Appstore link Here

Connect your device:

  1. Enable your bluetooth function in your phone before opening the App
  2. Connect your phone and printer in the App instead of "Settings"
  3. Follow the instruction of Bluetooth connection in the App
  4. Step 2-3 is for first time setup only. Once printer is linked with phone, printer will connect to your phone automatically (only if bluetooth is on)

Set Label Size:

  1. Set the label width and height of the label (30mm wide and 15mm high)
  2. Feed direction : Right 90 degree

Account Registration:

  1. Account registration is required to save label template
  2. SMS will be sent to complete registration
  3. Template can be used across all signed in devices