Tutorial - JC Label Maker

JC Label Maker - Instruction for use

Install app (iPhone)

You can simply scan the QR code or click the link BY YOUR DEVICE that you want to install to app on. For iPhone / iPad, you may search "Niimbot" in AppStore.

Install app (Android)

As the app for android is currently not on Play Store, you will have to install the app by your browser. Follow below video guide. Google Chrome is suggested.

Install Label Roll

Pair with Bluetooth

You just need to pair the Label Maker with your phone once. Next time they will be automatically connected when bluetooth on your phone and Label Maker are both ON

Change App Language

In case the app does not detect language you are using that you have to change it manually back to English

Build Label Template

You may simply scan the barcode image on the top of the label package to build a template

Turn off the Label Maker

Press the power button for 3 seconds until you hear the sound and blue light goes off

Calibrate or Reprint

Press the power button once to reprint the last label

You can also use it to calibrate the position of the label roll, it is useful when you insert a new label