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Description : 

One-touch Operation:
TDS Automatic Water Pump requires only a one-touch operation to detect water quality and drink healthy water.

Compatible With A Variety Of Water Bucket Sizes:
Compatible design, multi-purpose, easy to match a variety of bucket sizes, easy to use. It can also avoid secondary pollution caused by alternating containers

0.2 Second Fast Response:
The water pump does not store water and prevents bacterial growth. Every time you need to drink water, a powerful power motor can react quickly and make water out immediately.

Real-time Water Quality Testing:
TDS Automatic Water Pump has a water quality detection function to screen three types of impurities in water in real-time: soluble salts, ionic organics, heavy metal ions. Before drinking water, you can clearly understand the quality of water, drink water safely, and live a healthy life.

Display Water Quality Data:
TDS Water Pump can clearly display real-time water quality data. Generally, the lower the TDS value, the less soluble salts such as heavy metal ions in water, and the purer and safer the water.

Food Grade Material:
Water pump and water contact parts are strictly food-grade materials, safely reinforced, and healthy.


Specification :

Function: Water Pump
TDS: Water Quality Test
Material: Foodgrade Material 
Color: White
Weight: 400g
Voltage: 5V
Applicable Water Temperature:5℃ - 45℃
Load Weight Value: ≤590N
Power Supply: USB Charging
Charging Time: 3 Hours

Package Includes :
1 x Water Pump


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