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Why Pour-over coffee?

The Best Gear for Making Pour-Over Coffee

Perfect pour-over

 This gift set contains everything needed to brew impeccable pour-over coffee with precision

 It’s a simple way to make coffee

With intricate flavors that you might not get from a machine. For the best results, start with a good dripper. 

Made For Modern Homes

Brewing coffee or tea with this coffee server is a breeze! 

Best for coffee lover

For regular caffeine-addicted home coffee brewers, having the essential tools is a must to satisfy your daily caffeine call.

Save $4 a Day 

Coffee any Days, Anytime, Anywhere..


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Electric Coffee grinder

Cordless & Portable Coffee Grinder

Electric coffee grinder is designed to be cordless, and USB rechargeable. The cordless coffee grinder comes with a large capacity for repeated usage. A battery indicator helps you check the battery whenever you grind. Put the coffee bean grinder into your suitcase, and enjoy the quality coffee when traveling.

Powerful & Evenly Grinding

The powerful 200W motor of small camping coffee grinder let your every-time grinding finer and more evenly. A 170ml removable grinding bowl can provide you with enough ground coffee powder to get 12 cups of coffee at one time.

Grind without Splashing

The portable coffee grinder comes with an anti-splash lid that effectively prevents the coffee powder from splashing everywhere when working. Pour the beans into the bowl of the coffee bean grinder, cover the lid, press to activate grinding, and you will quickly get an evenly ground coffee. You can monitor the desired coffee powder as you like, based on 6 seconds for coarse powder, 10 seconds for medium powder, and 15 seconds for fine powder.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

pour over kettle

Long Narrow Design 

The pour over coffee kettle has a unique gooseneck spout that can easy to control the flow of the water . You can use precise and smooth water flow brew your hand drip coffee or tea .

304 Stainless Steel

The pour over coffee water kettle is made of food grade stainless steel ,and corrosion resistant. The materials are not only durable, but also safe.

Easy To Clean

The spout kettle has a exquisite design, suitable for home, office, cafe ,coffee shop or camping outdoor etc. It will be a best gift for coffee grip filter lover. it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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Coffee Dripper

Compatible With Most Coffee Maker

This glass coffee dripper is not only compatible with Hario coffee carafe, but the glass coffee dripper can be used on any cup thermos or coffee carafe. The glass coffee dripper is the perfect accessory for the pour over coffee system.

Light And Portable

The glass coffee dripper is enough to serve 1-4 cups of coffee for your family or friends. and the design of the glass coffee dripper is light and cute, which is very suitable for family cafes or restaurants.

Easy To Clean

The bamboo base and glass coffee filters are detachable. After using the glass pour over coffee dripper, simply dump your coffee grounds and rinse with warm water , clean up in less than a minute.

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Crafted With Care

Cordless & Portable Coffee Grinder

This glass coffee carafe is made from thickened high borosilicate glass, tough again heat (between -40 and 150 Celsius) and damage. It's dishwasher safe, too!

Prepare & Serve Pour Over Coffee With Ease

Enjoy your favorite beans with this pour over glass carafe. It's compatible with ceramic and stainless steel filter cups.

Brew With Precision

The capacity of this glass coffee pot is 600ml/20oz, featuring both imperial (oz) and metric (ml) measurements, our pour over coffee carafe allows for convenient measurement and control. You never have to guess ever again!

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Coffee Scale

Stable & Accuracy Measurement

Coffee weight scale has 4 built-in high accuracy weighing sensors, with a precision of 0.1g/0.005oz and a max measurement of 3KG/7.2lbs. The built-in timer can exact to 1s, controlling the brew time at ease. 

Proper proprtion of water and powder plus exact brewing time are "Gold Cup Standards" of each premium Hand Drip. Having a stable and accurate coffee scale ensures high quality and the best flavor.

Minimalist Design

This coffee scale is minimalist in both its surface and button design. Premium frosted acrylic weighing surface combined with dual invisible LED display is integrated forming, all make it looks simple and beautiful, on its lower left and right corners set the keys, which does not affect use. 

The high sensitive touch control is adopted to simplify the redundant functions. switch / timing, unit selection / tare, two composite keys are clear at a glance, easy to operate.

Large Battery Capacity

Digital coffee scale has built-in an a lithium polymer battery of 950 mAh big volume. No need to replace or buy a new battery, the coffee weight scale is available for 3 months fully charged by Type-C connection. With an auto-off function, the LED screen will be off when inactive for 60s, to increase the service time of the battery and be more energy-saving, eco-friendly.

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Stainless Steel Filters

Reusable & Save Money

The kitchen coffee filter is made from durable 304 stainless steel mesh suitable for all your coffee needs. This reusable coffee filter will last for years to come with it’s smooth bending, durability, and flexible features.

Preserve Coffee’s Taste & Aroma

All the nutrients and essential oils coming from the coffee grounds will pass through your daily cup of coffee. This pour over coffee filter preserves the taste and aroma of your favorite coffee. Coffee grounds are securely locked in the filter.

Eco-friendly And Mess Free

Reduce your carbon footprint on your next cup of coffee! These coffee filters are extremely helpful to our planet. The fabric mesh coffee filter reduces waste from using paper coffee filters. Our coffee filters are easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.

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Coffee Scoop Bag Clip

Exact measuring tool

Coffee bag clip scoop is made of high-quality, heavy-duty and food grade stainless steel. No sharp edges, quite strong and will not bend easily. 

Dual function spoon ensures equal measures of coffee every time (1 coffee scoop =1 tablespoon)

2-In-1 Coffee Scoop Clip

The coffee scoop with clip keep coffee fresh and tasting great by sealing the bag after use, The sealing clip uses a strong spring, the seal is more rigid and it is not easy to slip off.Great for scooping ground coffee and cocoa.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

coffee Dial Thermometer

Temperature range

Stainless steel dial thermometer measures from -10 to 100°C/ 0 to 220 °F, which can deliver accurate reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, easy to read and get accurate results

Sturdy & Portable

mainly made of quality stainless steel, these pocket dial thermometers are with nice rust resistance, durable and sturdy to use, the protective sleeve is made of plastic, not easy to break, light in weight and portable to carry around during the trip

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Stainless Steel Filters

Slow & Steady Flow

Achieve a perfect saturation with the finely curved gooseneck spout coupled with the ergonomically designed handle which allows for subtle adjustment to flow rate and speed drop by drop.

Durable Performance

Grade 304 full stainless steel kettle from inside out is sleek in design and brings 1000W rapid heating, great coffee doesn't have to wait.

Safe to Use

A combination of auto shut-off at the set temperature and boil-dry protection supports safe operation of the kettle.

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