• Dried Flower Night Light
    Dried flowers represent eternal love. You can choose flower styles in “Customize Now”. Roses, chrysanthemums, gypsophila and all flowers have exclusive meaning. Custom her name and give her a unique romance

  • Easy DIY
    Press and dry the real flowers, put in the epoxy resin to make a real dried flower lamp. Each night light is handmade, the shape, color and position of the flowers are different, so the night light is unique.

  • Perfect DIY Gift
    This dried flower name night light can be a romantic and meaningful gift for your friend, family, mom and lover. Fit as Christmas gift, New Year gift, Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, Birthday gift, Graduation gift, Festival gift

  • A Perfect Companion
    Warm natural lighting relaxes and comforts you at night. The flower lamp decor is nice for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, bedside, desk, bookshelf, fireplace

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Need a Guide?
Step 1: Clean and Prep Silicone Molds
Wipe down the molds with rubbing alcohol and let them dry completely. This will keep dust or other small particles out of your finished coasters.
Step 2: Make Resin Mixture
Mix one part resin with one part hardener. Once you've poured two equal parts into a cup, use a wood crafts stick to slowly stir the mixture until it's fully combined and there are no bubbles.
Step 3: Place Dried Flowers
Use tweezers to place each flower onto the top of the resin until you've added as many as you like to each mold. You can use your own flowers or accessories.
Step 4: Pour Resin in the Molds
Slowly pour the stirred mixture into the silicone molds. If you have a lot of bubbles, you can hold a heat gun on low heat above the molds to remove the bubbles. then let the molds cure for 24-48 hours
Step 5: Connect the Base & Power
Attached to the acrylic plate, and slide in the power base, then turn on the power.
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